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Monday, October 25, 2010


I feel like I am in over-drive...so many things going on in the next two weeks. I just finished typing up the recipes for the "Apple Class"...that is on Wednesday night. But...no rest for the weary! Our Halloween Tea is on Saturday and the 1803 House candlelight dinner is next Saturday night. I am trying to keep them all straight in my head, because they are all VERY different menus. I need to make sure that each of these events are amazing...that's that type "A" coming out again...but it is, also, what we are all about...and what we try to do for everything. The tea menu was a little challenging because I didn't want it too "cute"...we have more adults coming than kids...but I still want it "spooky" and full of Halloween spirit! The dinner at the 1803 house is always a challenge, because I have to come up with a menu that a group of people will all like. There is no "choosing" here...everyone gets the same meal! I have those two menus about 99% there. I always go right down to the wire with a little piece of every puzzle. If it is all written in stone early on, I might have a creative burst, all of a sudden, and I won't be able to use it!! Most of the time, my best stuff comes to me when there is a little pressure....so bring it on!! I will update you on the final outcomes when we get there...in the meantime...should I make a tart, cheesecake, pie or cake? Eyeballs, spiders or fingers....hmmm, decisions, decisions, decisions!!!

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