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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Halloween traditions....

Now this weather is more like it!!! It feels like Fall today...yeah!!! I really wanted to get some mums and finish my front porch at home....but the truth of the matter is I don't have the energy!! We were crazy busy again today, and I didn't turn the oven off until almost 3:00...baked and baked and baked...and now I'm whipped!! I have an idea how I want to set up the porch...that is half the battle anyway. Maybe tomorrow. We still have to get the porch at the shop done...just not enough hours in the day, (or energy in the hours?!?!) So, now that Halloween is, officially, here...I am wondering what MAKES Halloween for you and your family? Is it trick-or-treat night, the parades, a certain kind of candy, costume parties, pumpkins, the decorations??? I know all of those things are important pieces of the picture...but which piece is the MOST important to you??? I am a big fan of traditions. I think it is important to have some constants in our lives. There are so many things that are always changing...it is comforting to know that those dinner rolls that everyone loves will be on the table for Thanksgiving, and that you will sit and watch the Christmas specials (my favorite is the Muppets Christmas Carol...) and the tradition for Halloween is Rice Krispie treats. My Mom Mom made them every year...that was our "treat" when we went to her house in our costumes...and it was always better than the candy!! My husband is the Rice Krispie treat king. We altered the recipe a tad and he has more arm strength, so he does the stirring!! We make them extra thick, too....no whimpy treats for us!! He, also, enjoys carving the pumpkins...many years ago we bought one of those pumpkin carving pattern kit things...and he is very good at it, very patient....and the designs kept getting harder and harder...it's such a shame that they only last a few days!! We also have to watch Hocus Pocus (more than once, preferably...) I love that movie!!! I would love to hear all about your Halloween fun...post a comment, or tell me on facebook!! I am going to crash on the couch!!!

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