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Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy October!!

Happy October!!! I love this month!! I seem to be having some sort of problem getting to all of my pictures on here...so I feel like I am using the same ones over and over...I don't know what the problem is and haven't been home long enough to attempt to fix it!! I will give that some attention...or take new ones!! Are you all ready for Halloween?? It will be here before you know it!! They were running commercials for Halloween shows on TV last night...that is exciting!! It's like when you start to see Christmas specials advertised...it never gets old (even if you DO!!) I mean, who doesn't love The Grinch??? My favorite Halloween movie is "Hocus Pocus"...I am NOT into blood and gore...The kids love "Halloween Town"...and Disney used to have a special that was full of clips from their movies, which they also loved. They still sing some of the songs from it...like I said, it never gets old! My son posted some pictures of my Grandson with a pumpkin last night! I can't wait to make him a Halloween fanatic, too!! So much to look forward to!! Have a great Friday...and celebrate October...it will be gone before you know it!! BOO!

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