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Friday, October 15, 2010

Parade time...

Boo!! The Halloween parade is tomorrow night. It's a big deal around here. All of the houses on the parade route are decked out...the homeowners spend as much (and sometimes more..) time and energy on their Halloween decorations as they do on Christmas...that's how BIG a deal it is!! Some of the houses are sweet and pretty...some kind of gruesome and spooky...but all are worth driving around to see. Sweet Memories is no exception!! Our porch is all decked out and the witch and her cat are in their rightful place...and there are a few new additions, this year...my husband made two rats to join the party!! It, really, looks great!! Our whole family comes to watch the parade. We have quite a few of our "Sweet Memories" family that will hang out with us, too! It's usually a chance to see some old friends as well. We have food (although, it has become a pizza kind of event...Saturdays are long and busy and the idea of cooking and cleaning up does not appeal...) and we will have treats, too!! This year it looks like there will be a lot of little ones...which makes it FUN!! I think my grandson will be in bed...but next year he will get a big kick out of the whole thing!! My kids have been coming to this parade since they were babies...strollers, snowsuits...I remember it like it was yesterday!! I have been a little "disenchanted" with the parade,as a whole, the last few years...it seemed to have lost it's "hometown" charm....but, I think, the addition of kids will change that, for me anyway!! So, I am looking forward to the evening...and trying to figure out what treats to make!! Hmmm....cookies, brownies, cupcakes...all of the above??? If you're not busy...stop by and see us!! Bring the kids!!!

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