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Monday, October 18, 2010

Projects...and The Grinch!!

I know in the "real world" you guys are not ready for Christmas! You are still putting the finishing touches on Halloween costumes and parties, buying candy for trick-or-treat night (which should be on October 31st...again, that's my opinion...) and you, probably, still haven't carved your pumpkin!! I am living in that world, too...at home, but the truth of the matter is that in my head....I am in full-blown Christmas mode! Our project(s) for today include some pre-Christmas preparations. There are a couple of projects that I have been asking my husband to do for me for awhile. He is an amazing craftsman (if you have admired the ladder arbor or the white bench inside the front door, the chairs out in the garden or our witch...you have gotten a taste!) but time is not something we have an over abundance of, and these things take time! So, today is the day! I won't give any details, yet....Christmas magic begins with the surprises...all I'll say is that he is taking over his saw, drill, power nailer and shop-vac! I've promised not to rush the season...and I am not going back on my promise...it's just that getting the shop ready for the holidays is a HUGE job!!  I need to break it down into smaller jobs that can be done a little at a time... I was looking at the calendar the other day and realized that Halloween falls on a Sunday...so I will be able to "change over" the shop and make it all Christmas-y the day after...which is great! That is November 1st...November 3rd is our first gingerbread class (which means a late night November 2nd...I have to make all of the houses so they dry...they need to be very "set" to handle the weight of all the candy decorations.) and then November 6th is the 1803 candlelight dinner that we cater. When all of that information sank in I REALLY started to break this down into smaller, do-able now, projects!!! You know what they say...that which doesn't KILL you makes you stronger....by the end of the first week of November, I should have the strength of "ten Grinches...plus two" (I think that's the quote...see, now I want to watch "The Grinch" and make sure it's right!! Quite the can of worms!!!) Ha ha ha ha....or should I say Ho Ho Ho!!! I will keep you posted on the progress...I hope everything gets done today. Go out and enjoy this beautiful Fall day...and if you find yourselves humming a Christmas tune or two....you know who to blame!

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