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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rushing...and missing out!!!

So...I have a question. How do you guys feel about retail and rushing through the Holidays?? I am in a strange position. I am in retail. No two ways around it. However I am also in the restaurant business. In the food world you live in the moment...it's called "fresh"....In the retail world you are several months ahead of the rest of society. You have to be or you get the left-over merchandise that no one wants. Since I am in BOTH businesses I find that I want, probably even more than the average person, to enjoy "now", and I, also, find that to be even more difficult!! I find my mind wandering off to the next big project when I am supposed to be enjoying the moment!! I don't have much free time....I am not complaining...it is part of small business ownership and I wouldn't trade this in for anything! When I do find a little free time I enjoy going to other businesses...I have touched on this before...I love to see what merchandise they decided to carry, and how they displayed that merchandise. It, usually, gets my creativity going...I don't copy things...I just get ideas in weird ways!! Anyway...you all know how I feel about Fall! I get so excited when all of my Fall responsibilities are done (the shop and home...) and I can go out into the world and see what others have done to celebrate...well, others have started to clear it up to make room for the next Holiday!! There is a very small window of opportunity when it comes to the Holidays. We all, really, move very quickly from Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas...but I don't think Halloween should be yesterdays news at the very beginning of October!!! We are feathering in Christmas merchandise, slowly. I know some people want to get a head start...I understand that...but we continue to celebrate Halloween...and re-arrange the Halloween displays so that they continue to look great!! I am just wondering if this mentality of go-go-go and not enjoying the "right now" is becoming "normal"??? When you come in to see us in the month of October, are you happy that we have the Halloween spirit...or do you leave disappointed that the whole place wasn't done up for Christmas??? I would really love to hear from you!! I am thinking, after two some-what disappointing day trips, that I will need to find some free time in August if I want to enjoy Halloween...I, for one, am NOT OK with that!!??? Thoughts????

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  1. I was in today with my mom and we bought Halloween decor....and, it never would have crossed my mind to buy anything for Christmas! I think the shop is done perfectly ~ I was able to buy what I needed but browse through enough of a Christmas selection to put a smile on my face!