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Sunday, October 17, 2010

She is on her soapbox...again!

The Emmaus Halloween Parade 2010 will be one to be remembered. Most of the family was able to make it...some were missed, but busy schedules can't be helped (I should know...) There were friends there, too. Quite a few kids...which was nice! My grandson, the trooper, stayed awake for the whole thing!! So...the tradition continues....It IS a tradition. This is,  literally, the only Halloween parade I attend....(partly to keep an eye on the property, partly because of that busy schedule I mentioned...) The kids have gone to other Halloween events over the years, but this is the one our family does together. I mentioned, before, that I have become disenchanted with the whole thing....and I was hoping that last night would change my opinion....unfortunately, it didn't! We had a good time, I mean it really is about the company and what you do as a group that makes any event fun, but the reality of it is...other people CAN spoil things for everyone else. We were all standing outside watching the parade, I was holding my grandson...when my husband pulled me out of the path a little bit. I wasn't, really, standing in the middle of the path to begin with...so I looked at him questioningly...he said "that guy is loaded and I thought he was going to run right into you."...instead, he just fell into my flower bed (damage to be determined by the light of day...) A few minutes later, the ambulance came up the street, sirens blaring....parked in the middle of the road...the parade (full of KIDS) continued around it. They "worked" on him for a few minutes, then loaded him in the back. I thought a Halloween parade in a quaint small town was geared for the kids...I, really don't understand when this became another excuse for an adult drinking bash. All of us were commenting on how wonderful an example this was for all of the kids who got to witness it. As I said~~~disenchanted!! Sometimes it is extremely obvious that I don't see eye to eye with the people "in charge"...whoever they may be!! I have always marched to my own drummer...and I am proud of it!! I think it is time for someone to step up and reclaim family values and speak out against disgusting behavior!! I will see what I can do about that...maybe after I finish fixing the flower bed and cleaning up all of the trash that everyone just dropped on the streets and sidewalks last night!!

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  1. march to your own drummer Jamie...I love that! me too...I would rather have hot chocolate- or coffee than booze! what a great example to set for the kids...guess he needed a reason to inebriate himself...a halloween parade..yay......ugh..so sad.