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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Slowly...slowly...getting there!

This was a long day! Actually, I think it always feels that way when I work on my day off. I took some of my Christmas stash with me to work, this morning, and put the finishing touches on the faux fireplace that my husband built, yesterday. It looks so cool!! I have stockings hanging on it and the "mantle" all decorated...I even have a teddybear sitting in a little chair next to the fireplace waiting for Santa...one project down....actually, I accomplished several of my to-do list projects, yesterday!! I shuffled things around a little and made room for the Thanksgiving/ Fall Harvest merchandise to have it's own place. I have some really pretty walnut, acorn and pinecone ornaments (glass..) and they're all on a tree that I put in this little wheelbarrow that I found in an antique shop. I don't have a ton of Thanksgiving merchandise...to be honest, there isn't a whole lot of great stuff available...but the things we have deserved their own place!! I, also, rearranged the "baby" area. I have a pink Christmas tree that is now the centerpiece of that part of the store...it is covered in "baby's first Christmas" ornaments...I can't seem to NOT buy these things, now, because of my grandson!! It looks SO cute!! I replaced some burned out lights this afternoon, too...all of those little lights make a huge difference!! Slowly...slowly...getting there!! However the backlash of all of this is that I, seriously, can't remember what month we are, actually, in!! I find myself thinking~~albeit briefly~~"why is the Halloween still up when it's Christmas..." and this afternoon I almost wrote "February" on a sale slip! Oh well...this, too, shall pass!! So far I have resisted the temptation to listen to Christmas music...mostly because I am genuinely concerned for my sanity....This is a big sacrifice, though, because I am a Christmas music fanatic!! I bought a new CD, to play at the shop, when we were in Lancaster a few weeks ago. There is a rendition of "Green Sleeves" on it...I got a lot of flack from my kids, they thought it was "What child is this.." they are still skeptical that it's not...they seem to think I have found a way to "sneak" Christmas music in before Halloween....now, I mean, would I do that?? Dashing through the snow in a one horse open sleigh...you won't tell, right???

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