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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sweet tooth days....

Some days are "sweet tooth" days...today was one of them!! It always makes me happy to see lots of white boxes leaving the shop...making people happy is my job, and most of the time....all it takes is a piece of cake!!! (or a cookie, scone, brownie...maybe some cheesecake or pie!!) I had a pretty ambitious baking schedule for today and got it all done. I am going to see if I can top it tomorrow!! All of this baking made me realize just how close Thanksgiving is...only 5 more weeks! Thanksgiving is one of our biggest "order" holidays. Easter is right up there too. Christmas is very busy, but it is spread out over more than one day...it's more like two weeks of really busy...but, for Thanksgiving, everyone has their "party" on the same day!!! I would love to be able to deliver the same top quality, old-fashioned, scratch baking that I do now in "bulk" and fill every order that comes in....but the truth of the matter is that I am NOT superwoman and can only do so much...so I take orders until I am slightly uncomfortable (as opposed to complete P-A-N-I-C ) with the amount I need to get done...and then say "I am so sorry...but I am completely booked" over and over....not my favorite!! I must say, though, everyone who has heard that phrase learns a lesson for the next holiday!! That would explain why I have had some Thanksgiving orders for weeks!!! (and some Christmas, too...) If you would like to place an order...you should give us a call, sooner rather than later!! And, to answer an often asked question...there is no such thing as too early!!!

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