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Friday, October 29, 2010

Tea Time Tomorrow....

I spent the day preparing for our "Very Merrie Halloween Tea"...it is tomorrow afternoon!! All I need to do, tomorrow, is make the food. All of the "craft-y" stuff that needed to get done, did!! I am excited for this party...we haven't done a Halloween Tea in a little while...things don't always work with my schedule, for one reason or another...but this year I wanted to do one, so I made it work. The timing was perfect, with Halloween falling on a Sunday. I am already thinking about next year's theme. I don't know how many will come in costume, but that's OK. I want everyone to be comfortable and enjoy themselves...that's all that matters! When I do a "Tea" I have a tendency to push the envelope (what else is new?) No pomp and circumstance at Sweet Memories. No rules~~~just fun!! Shoot, you can even eat dessert first if that rings your bell!! I would love to give details, but some of you may have reservations for this event...and I don't want to ruin it!! I am whipped, anyway, and am off to bed to dream of ghosts and goblins and things that go bump in the night...I'll tell you all about the Tea, tomorrow...hopefully accompanied by some pictures...I have been very lax about that of late~sorry~ I'll see what I can do!! Night All!!!

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