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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


We attended a meeting this evening that may have gotten the ball rolling!! I am excited, but don't want to jinx anything...so I will have to elaborate later. If this does get off the ground, there are a whole lot of you who will be excited. That's all I'm saying! When we got home we watched a special on the history channel about the history of Halloween...so interesting!! The way traditions and customs evolve...really, really cool!! They said, in the show, that the first Halloween parade was in 1905 in Allentown! I thought that was pretty cool!! It is nice to be the trendsetters...instead of the followers (or lag-behinders, sometimes..) which, ironically, ties right in to the meeting, tonight...now that really IS all I'm saying...for now!! It was a long day, and we have the apple class, tomorrow night, so I am going to say "Good Night"....but I will keep you posted!!! It's news worth waiting for!!

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