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Monday, November 8, 2010

All packed and put away....

The Halloween is all packed and put away...see you next year!! It's kind of sad, especially because the house looks so empty!! (That is the only blip in the "one day to take down...one to put up" system..) But I only need to put up with it for a week...and I can spend the week thinking about my Christmas displays! I have candles burning, so it smells great...just looks sad...oh well!! It took longer than it should have (although I have a LOT of Halloween....) because I am running on fumes. This stupid "daylight savings time" thing doesn't help. I know the clock is saying 20 of 8:00, but we all know it's 20 of 9:00...and the clock said 3:45 but my inner clock said "get up...it's 4:45!!! I found myself walking in circles...trying to get organized and energized, this morning...so I put "The Santa Claus" on. It helped. I love Christmas movies and cartoons (actually...I love ALL things Christmas!!) and I still get excited when the "specials" come on regular TV...even though we can watch them any time we want to with DVDs...there is just something about them being on TV that I think is exciting...maybe a little "child-channeling"???? I sat and watched "White Christmas" two years ago...I have to say, I didn't care for it. I am sure that statement is punishable somewhere...but there you go! I, also, don't like "A Christmas Story" or "Christmas Vacation" (although the latter is one of my husband and kids favorites...????) Other than those...I pretty much love them all...even the somewhat sappy Hallmark channel selections. By far, though, my all-time favorite is the "Muppets Christmas Carol"!!! I love A Christmas Carol to begin with...and then Michael Caine is brilliant as Scrooge...and the songs are so GOOD...then you have the amazing creative talent of the Muppets themselves thrown in for good measure...It just doesn't get any better!! That will be my entertainment of choice next week when the 20 bins of Christmas come down the attic steps!!! I will sing along with Kermit and hope it goes smoothly!! What are your favorite Christmas movies?? ( If it's White Christmas...sorry!!!) ....to all a good night!!

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