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Friday, November 19, 2010

Almost done....

The transformation is almost complete...I am going to do this fireplace display on Tuesday...and that will put us in total Christmas mode!!! My husband and youngest daughter worked on the front porch, yesterday, and it looks great!! They are not done...but it got dark and some of the lights weren't working...so the frustration set in. Today is a new day!! Doing the lighting is their thing. They do all of the lighting outside, at home, together...on Thanksgiving morning while the turkey is roasting. It's their tradition. Speaking of which...our next installment...Another source of Holiday stress is decorating. I think that's a shame!! Stop freaking out about it!! There are NO rules. You do what you like and what makes you happy!!! If hours and hours of primping and fussing make you happy...go for it!! If you like all white...do it!! If you are into "retro" go retro!! If you want an all pink tree...make sure your husband is on board...and go pink!!! If you lovingly collect and display things that are very meaningful to you, that's awesome!! If you want to start all over every year...do it!! This time of year should be fun and magical...go with your heart and you can't go wrong. If you love it...it will all work together! That holds true for decorating all year...you can't make a mistake!! If your home makes you smile...you've done something right!! If anyone would like to add anything...please do!!! Have a great day!!

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