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Monday, November 29, 2010

And the quest continues....

Our attempt at turning the shop into a gingerbread house continues. In between our Brunch service and our Sunday Supper service, yesterday, my husband took the "ingredients" that we found on Saturday night and decorated the front windows. We wound up buying garland (evergreen and pinecone...) and more little colored lights (the only thing available...) then we, also, bought "shatter proof" (aka plastic) Candy cane and little peppermint ornaments. We found them at The Home Depot...they are Martha Stewart brand (she is making some odd marketing choices...) The candy canes all needed to be re-glued and one of the peppermint candy ornaments was broken...(I must have misunderstood the meaning of shatterproof....) Seriously?? This whole experience has just made me that much more determined to carry quality, unique gifts and decorations in the shop!! It wasn't enough that we had to go all over the Lehigh Valley, or that we had to "settle" for this solution...(I will be honest...it looks really good, so this may have been for the best...) but we had to "fix" everything before we could even use it!! Maybe it's just me...but I think when you put your name on something you should make sure it's a better quality. I don't think it should always be about the $$$$...but that's just my opinion...or as I was once told "the world according to Jamie"...(I think it was meant as a dig...but I don't see it that way...) If everyone took pride in their product and had really high standards....the world would be a better place!!! If things were of a better quality, they could be handed down as heirlooms instead of thrown in the landfills. If lights would last more than one season...there would be fewer "Scrooges" driving all over the place trying to replace them. If we could spend more time enjoying the Holiday, and less time getting frustrated....that would be a "good thing"...right??? I think I might go on the Martha Stewart website and give them a piece of my "world according to Jamie"...IT'S a good thing!!!

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