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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Books, books, books.....

I am sorry that I didn't write anything last night....but I was at the book store!! I am a book junkie!! I love them...I collect cookbooks...they probably number in the 600's...that one is sort of obvious, considering what I do. However, the obsession does not stop there. I have many, many gardening books, books about birds, decorating books, Halloween books and Christmas books. One look at my shelves and it is clear where my heart lies! Of course, I also have all things Harry (Potter) and a friend is hunting down another, more pristine, set for me when she goes to yardsales...because mine are SO loved and read that they are showing their age!! I went to the bookstore looking for one book, in particular, which I found....then added two more to my pile!! I told my husband when we got in the car..."some women love shoes, some purses, some jewelry....just set me loose in the bookstore and I am happy!!" While we were there, we checked out the current issue of Lehigh Valley magazine...we are in it. I hadn't gotten to see the article...it was nice!! So, all in all, a very successful evening!! I am off to work...lots to do!! Another day of watching for that candy order...I won't know what to do if it shows up!! It will be like Christmas!! Waiting for some other things, too. So, have a great day...and thank a Veteran. If it weren't for them...none of us could do what we love, and enjoy the freedom to live the way we do! I'll try to get back on track, tonight. Although, I make no promises...I have new books to read!!

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