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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Can I have the recipe???

These are our newest recipe cards...the art work is SO cute!!! They would be a great gift...or an addition to a gift. If you make homemade things for gift-giving (which is brilliant by the way....everyone eats and something homemade is awesome!!!) include the recipe~~on these cards! We have had a whole bunch of new arrivals show up the last few days. The Switchables are in, the magnetic calendars, the advent candles, the bayberry candles and the cutest little gnomes...they are supposed to help you with your household chores...too cute!!! Lots and lots of unique things for gift giving ( or self treating...) We are, also, expecting the Christmas cookie cutters any minute...I really thought they would show up today. I did an awful lot of "Thanksgiving order" preparation today....I peeled pounds and pounds of apples and mixed up a ton of piecrust!! Tomorrow will be a challenge....mostly because there just is not enough oven space....probably the same problem you have at your house when you are cooking a big meal!! A little organization, some planning and an early start should do it!! I haven't failed yet...and it won't happen this year, either!! It really is a very nice feeling to know that you are a part of so many celebrations....I have a great job...exhausting, but great!! I am hitting the hay....big, BIG day tomorrow. I will be back tomorrow night....or out like a light on the couch, depending on how it goes!!!

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