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Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Candlelight Dinner....

Well...the 'back on schedule" was short lived! This has been an insanely busy week for us, and it's not over! So, I am not going to beat myself up for not being on schedule! We have the 1803 House candlelight dinner, tonight. They hold a raffle. you buy tickets and then a winner is chosen. The winner receives a candlelight dinner for 10. They start with appetizers, then they get a tour of the house. Then they sit down to a salad course, the main entree and then dessert. The trick, here, is that there is no modern kitchen facility...it is a historic site. So we make all of the food in our restaurant and then transport it, one course at a time, to the house. My daughters are at the house, serving and helping out, and they keep me informed of the progress of the guests via cell phone. (WHAT did we do before those things?? Does anyone remember???) When they are "up to" the next thing, they call me and let me know and I put the next course in the car and race over the railroad tracks...(the ONLY potential fly in the ointment....but, in three years, I have not gotten stuck waiting for a train...knock on wood!!!) and deliver. Then I race back and prepare the next course. My husband stays at the restaurant and keeps an eye on the food. It sounds kind of crazy...but it works. It involves a tremendous amount of timing to get it all done when it needs to be...but, as long as the guests are on time, it's fine!! This event and the gingerbread house classes are the "trigger" for me that the Holiday season has arrived!! I don't think we have ever had both events in the same week, before...but sometimes these things are unavoidable!! This picture is of one of our rooms in the gift shops all decked out!! Everyone who has come in this week has been excited about the Christmas merchandise! Lots of shopping going on....so I am not alone!! Once we get to the end of this week, the Holidays will be here!! ....My candy order, is not....but the Holidays are! Enjoy your weekend....and come in and see us, and Christmas, we'll be around all weekend!!!

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