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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Deck the halls.....

One of our local radio stations is playing the Christmas music!!!! I am so excited...it's on on the radio in the kitchen at work (and in my car!!) It is so much fun to work to the Christmas music!! Last night, my husband and I did a little furniture re-arranging and put up the new, artificial, tree we bought Tuesday night. It is all "fluffed" and ready to go!! Now, I don't want ANY confusion here...I am a "real tree" gal 100%!!! The only way I will not have a real tree in my house for Christmas is if I am in a coma....We have more than one tree. This one is for my collection of blown glass ornaments. We used to put it in the foyer. The one we had was just a little big, not nearly as realistic as the ones on the market now (they are like computers and cell phones...state of the art today, out-dated tomorrow!!! The one we had was top of the line a few years ago, and very realistic....then!!) and I wanted to move it into the library. So we found one that is a little taller and slimmer and it fits perfectly!!! The real tree will not get decorated until Christmas Eve...that is our tradition. When the kids were small, they didn't even see it "done" until Christmas morning...they thought Santa decorated it!! Everything else is getting done tomorrow, so we thought we would get all of the "ground work" stuff done last night so we weren't wasting time on that!! It looks great and it's all ready for the 20+ "bins" to come down from the attic!! I know it will be a long day and a lot of work...but I am excited!! I will get pictures on here as soon as possible!! I have not forgotten about my promise to give you some ideas to make your Christmas jollier...I am working on a "format" of sharing...I may even ask for some audience participation....we will see!! In the meantime...I've got to get to work...the Christmas music awaits!!!!

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