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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dishtowels and salt & pepper shakers....

OK...back on track!! I prefer to write this at night, but all of my nights, recently, have been spent at the shop!! Tonight...we have some down time! This is the promised picture of the fireplace that my husband built in the gift shop. Pretty cool, right?? It's all decorated for Christmas...along with everything else! Well, actually, that is not true because I am still waiting for the candy order!! We worked on the "kitchen shop" today...it looks great! Lots and lots of awesome dish towels and adorable salt and pepper shakers among many other things. All would make great gifts...and the customers who were buying them, today, as we were getting them out, said the same thing!! We, also, got our back-order from one of my companies. That is all priced and out, too! When we started to get the dishtowels out I thought "What was I thinking? Why did I order SO many..." but once I started to really look at them I realized I ordered them because they are all so pretty!! They are an inexpensive way to add a touch of the holidays to your kitchen, can be changed whenever you want to and are useful, too!! Then I found myself thinking the same thing about the salt and pepper shakers!! But, once you see them, you just can't pass them up!! And, again, what a cute way to add some personality to your dinner table...with very little investment!! The back-ordered items are wonderful, too! We have a real touch of nostalgia happening, this year...you should come in and see for yourselves!! Like I said before...if you are looking for Christmas, I know where you can find it!! Well...We had a very productive day...and I am looking forward to relaxing and watching some TV. Big Bang Theory and Grey's...gotta love a "free" Thursday night!!!

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