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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Getting caught up.....

Let's play a little catch-up.....These are some of the houses from class #2. Again....they did a great job!!! Class #3 is the first Wednesday in December. When I came up with this class schedule it was still HOT outside and the thought of all of this was really just a misty "down the road" idea....and then, just like that, it's here!!! Crazy!! First things first, though, we have to get through the mountain of orders I have for Thanksgiving!!! I attended a meeting on Thursday night to discuss a very interesting idea for next Fall....I won't elaborate just yet...I feel that it is important for me to focus on the tasks at hand right now....I have enough of them at the moment....but I will keep you updated!!! I ordered the Christmas cookie cutters (that I have been planning on ordering for 2 weeks....) and the Switchables, too. Both companies are very prompt, so they are on their way as we speak....(but I, also, ordered my Valentine and Easter candy. Too funny!!) I have really gotten all out of whack with my writing schedule for this blog...we haven't been home, in the evening, all week. I will try to get back on track, AGAIN, this coming week. We have "ladies night" with my family, tonight, so that is why I'm writing now. We get together once a month and have dinner and hang out!! My 4 year old niece is, usually, the entertainment. It is a lot of fun....but we have some important business to discuss tonight. We give "dues" every month and then try to do something charitable with the money. We need to figure out what we are going to do this year. We have enough money in our treasury that we will be able to do many things.. I am excited!! This is what Christmas is all about....I will let you know what we decide to do....but in the meantime...this might be an idea to help with some of the stress of gift giving!! Maybe instead of giving gifts to your friends (and maybe even the adults in your extended family...) you could pick a charity and do something for them!!! Among other things, we have Toys for Tots on our list...what a fun thing!! Go buy some toys that you know will make a little ones Christmas...playing Santa has much more appeal than earrings!!! Just saying!!!

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