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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Gingerbread House Class #1.....

Our first Gingerbread house class of the season is tonight!! All of the houses are baked and constructed and ready for the creativity!! I love these classes...they are so much fun. Everyone really gets into their creations and enjoys themselves. It always amazes me...we provide candy (TONS...) and everyone has the same candy to choose from, yet all of the houses will be different!! So cool!! I need to make all of the refreshments later today...I have decided to make an assortment of Christmas cookies for dessert...nothing says "Christmas" like cookies! I made the house a very box-y shape for this class, because I have been told of some of the plans for the decorations and I didn't want the shape to get in the way...I will take pictures and get them on here...along with some new, Christmas, pictures...my schedule has just been crazy the past couple of weeks and time has flown by...but I will take new ones, today!! We are, still, waiting for the candy order...maybe that will show up this afternoon...that would be awesome...because the "candy shop" looks like heck and is making me crazy!! I hate when things don't look amazing...this could be the day when a whole bunch of new customers come through the door (well...everyday is...) and their first impression is ...."what is that???" you see my point! You only get one chance to make a first impression. I did put a ship date on this order that should have ensured it's delivery before I needed it...I spend my whole life on a schedule with deadline after deadline...it confounds me that the rest of the world doesn't??!! Oh well...maybe today! If it does show up I will take pictures of the "candy shop" too! I have a lot to do so I am off...see you later!!

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