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Monday, November 15, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.....

Our house is all decorated for Christmas!!! The outside still needs to get done...but inside it looks great!! I started to unpack the bins and, coincidentally, unpacked the ones with all of my greenery first. Those are the first things I need when I'm decorating...they are like the backround. However they also make a huge mess. There are so many that they cover the floor...and then some!! My plan was to keep going and unpack everything just like I always do. That way I can see everything and figure out where I'm putting what. That part of my plan was suddenly changed, however, because my son called and said he was coming with my grandson for a visit!!!! I just stood there looking at this HUGE mess...all over the floor...where he will expect to be able to CRAWL!!! Small problem!!! I managed to get almost all of the greens put where I wanted them before they got here...all clear for crawling!! Then we took a break and played with my grandson...then got back to work!! It was a nice afternoon...and we still got done in pretty good time!! It really does look great...I will post some pictures as soon as possible. Right now, though, I am getting my PJs on and calling it a night!! I do believe these "days off" are going to kill me!!!

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