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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Looking for Christmas...Lights.....

Every year, when we decorate the outside of the shop for Christmas, I have visions of  sugar plums dancing in my head....well, visions of a gingerbread house, anyway. I think, with the porch and the little front garden, that it lends itself to decorating it to look like a gingerbread house. We have lights that are colored (the candy) but with white "icicles" hanging down (the icing)...they go along the edge of the porch. Then we try to find as many things that are candy related as possible for everything else. In the past we have had a candy cane tree (which fell apart and burned out all at the same time...) peppermint lights that go in the ground...which, also, burned out (but my wonderful brother-in-law fixed them for me...Thank-you, again!!!) candy canes that, also, go in the ground...although usually don't last more than two seasons....peppermint lights that we put all around the front door (We searched them out, last year, and bought all that we could find...only one strand is working this year...) are you seeing a trend??? Nothing is made to last...nothing!! So...with so little to work with, this year, we were on a quest to fill in the "blanks". We had a little time last night, so, after a dinner of leftovers (again) off we went....the conclusion to this quest??? The choices in outdoor lighting and decorating (and, frankly, indoor as well...) are HORRIBLE!!!!! What a huge disappointment!! I mean we were EVERYWHERE and everything that is available is junk!! I wasn't really looking for decorations...I mean, I know where to get the very best...Sweet Memories has it (wink wink...) but the lighting selection was non-existent. So...our creativity has been challenged...and we will have to go with plan B. I have to spend some time baking off gingerbread house pieces, tomorrow,(class #3) so my husband is going to see what he can do with what we've got!! I'll let you know how it all turns out...in the meantime, if you know of a place, that I am unaware of, that is carrying anything....ANYTHING...other than plain multi-colored lights...please let me know!!!!!

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