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Thursday, November 4, 2010

One down...three to go...

The first Gingerbread House Class of 2010 is just a (Sweet) Memory....Once again...they did a great job!!! So much creativity...The table was full of candy and cookies. The icing bags were loaded (and loaded again and again....) the Christmas music was playing in the backround. The refreshments were in place. A big sandwich shaped like a wreath and another one shaped like a candy cane, chips and pretzels with dip and our famous "pizza dip" (we had some little helpers...2 four-year-olds and 1 six....didn't want to get too fancy with the food or they wouldn't eat anything but the candy!!) Then there were several plates of Christmas cookies! I think everyone enjoyed themselves...I know the kids did!! One of our littlest customers is a huge Harry Potter fan and she wanted her house to look like Hogwarts! That was a challenge...but I think we did a pretty good job! We also had an Alaskan log cabin appear right before our eyes! Both of my daughters and I actually rolled up our sleeves and helped in this class...with the bar set so high, we had to do more than just suggest and fill the icing bags!! Once again, I have to say "Great job, one and all!". Our next class is in two weeks. Right now, though, I need to concentrate on the candlelight dinner at the 1803 house...and my big project for today is getting the "kitchen shop" upstairs all ready for Christmas!! Lots of great merchandise for that room, this year!! So, I am off to work...still waiting for the Christmas candy order...I sure hope it comes today!! I will try to write this, tonight, and get back on schedule!! Have a great day!!

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