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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Playing Santa....

Last night we played Santa. It was awesome!! In my family we have experienced some loss...this, of course, is not exclusive to our family. However we have had some harder than average hits. This kind of experience can drive you apart, or bring you closer. We started a "Ladies Night" in our family. Actually, my sister-in-law started it. We have since lost her. What we do is...once a month all of the Ladies in the family get together and have dinner. We rotate hostesses and the hostess of the evening makes the food. We have had craft nights and game nights...we have had themed food nights...we have even gone out to dinner. Those of us who are committed to this have become even closer. We have "lost" some along the way who weren't committed...but that's to be expected. It is still a very worthwhile way to spend one night a month. A few years ago, my husband asked everyone to start to pay "dues" so that we could give back...as a way to "honor" the family we've lost. The first two years we gave a nice sum of money to St. Jude through our local radio station...but last year just got away from us. The result...we have quite a bit of money in our "account"!! So, we decided to do as much "good" this Christmas as possible!! Last night we all met up at Toys 'R' Us and filled a shopping cart with all kinds of toys and games for as many age groups as we could and filled the donation box....We, also, did some of the shopping for our adopted family while we were there. So, when we got up to the cashier, I said we need to keep these separate if you don't mind. We checked out the gifts for our adopted family first...she gave me the total and then asked if I would like to donate a dollar to the Toys for Tots...I said "this next whole cart is for Toys for Tots..." She looked surprised...said "Oh" and finished that transaction!! Then she asked me if I needed a bag for the next cart load....I said "no...I think we'll just put them right in the box". We created a bit of a scene and several employees were watching, and thanking us, and one nice young man gave my little 4 year old niece a high five on the way out!! My husband and I have done this, before...but it was a great experience to watch my little niece get in on the fun!! She insisted that we buy a fire truck for a little boy...needless to say...there is a fire truck in the box!! If you have ever thought about doing something like this...I cannot recommend it enough!! It's what Christmas IS about...giving to others. I am super proud of my family...they are the best!! Now we are on to the next "giving project"....HoHoHo!!!!


  1. beautiful...how giving and generous of you and your family.......what a wonderful world this would be- if everyone felt this way~

  2. Thank you...and you're right, it would be nice if more people cared about someone else. Too much "not my fault or my responsibility" not nearly enough "what can I do??"