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Saturday, November 27, 2010

"Small Business Saturday"....

Wow...Black Friday!! Let's be honest...we are the antithesis of Black Friday. No parking problems, no crowds, no frustration, no pushing or trampling. Pretty Christmas music, a nice lunch, some treats out of the bakery and shopping happily. All day. Busy, busy, busy!! Everyone was really getting into the Christmas spirit!! Lots and lots of shopping bags heading out the door~~~and I have a sneaking suspicion that many of the purchases were personal treats!!! Nothing wrong with that!! We were VERY busy in the restaurant and bakery as well...either everyone was sick of turkey or just wanted to get out and enjoy themselves...nothing wrong with that, either!! We have a family (well...the female part of a family) that has made an afternoon with us their "day after Thanksgiving" tradition. We were trying to remember how many years they have been doing this...at least the last 10, if not longer!! When they started this, we could get all of them at one table...there were 17 attending yesterday, I believe!! The family is growing...and we are, still, a part of their lives!! It's pretty awesome!! Today has been dubbed "Small Business Saturday". Trying to compete with "Black Friday" and "Cyber Monday"...I think it's a good idea. Sometimes we forget about the "little guy" and find ourselves in the "big box stores" more often than not. So, I think, whatever can be done to promote small businesses is a good idea. I have explained my view on this issue, before. I always try to spend some money when I am in other shops...even though I have access to the same merchandise (wholesale). It's not, always, about the pricetag. There is a whole lot going on in these small businesses. At least there is for us. Personal service, interaction with our customers...most of the time we consider you all part of our family. You can't get that at the "big stores"....and it is not included on the pricetag!! If there is a shop you love (I hope we are on that list!!) go and see them, today, and tell them they are doing a great job....spend some of your Christmas budget with them. It might not get you that laptop for $10.00....but, in the long run, you'll get a whole lot more!!!

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