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Friday, November 12, 2010

Soapbox....yet again!!!!

Indulge me....I am going to get on my soapbox again!! We had some beautiful winter and Christmas artwork arrive yesterday afternoon. We had to spend a little time finding just the right place for it...although I don't expect any of it to "hang around" (pun intended!) for long. While I was pondering the arrangements, and the re-arrangements, a lady came into the shop. When she came upstairs she seemed genuinely surprised that we were "ready" for Christmas...she even questioned weather we were Christmas year round???? Really???? It is the middle of November...right?? I mean, I am constantly confused as to the time of year  (I am figuring out my Easter candy order as we speak!!!!)...however, I have not lost the ability to understand the calendar. I defy you to locate a retail venue that is NOT "ready" for Christmas!!! I know this a hot topic, and everyone LOVES to complain about how it all seems to get earlier and earlier every year. The fact of the matter is it is a LOT of work (getting all of the merchandise out and the displays looking amazing...) and there is a huge monetary investment in this inventory. I don't want to wait until December 1st to bring it all out....you could have been enjoying all of the fun and excitement and magic that is Christmas for weeks!! I think part of the problem is that there isn't enough fun and excitement and magic!!!! When you see hyacinths, in the grocery store, in January...you think "Oh the promise of Spring..." and your thoughts turn to flowers and dinner on the patio...it gives you something to look forward to!! When we spot those first pumpkins we are so excited for the Fall weather and Halloween fun!! But when those first Christmas decorations come out, everyone turns into Scrooge!!!! You can hear the moaning and groaning all around you!! What a shame!!! I LOVE Christmas....and everything that goes along with it!!! If you don't look forward to this season, maybe this is the year to figure out why!! Make some changes...it's not illegal. If there are obligations in your Holiday schedules that make you unhappy...consider them opportunities for change. I know Christmas is for kids...but, at least once a year, we all deserve to enjoy life "like a kid". The magic is there...you just need to believe!!!~~~~~I'm not done with this...I've decided to take this opportunity to come up with some ideas to help you all find the Christmas spirit....even in November!!!! Stay tuned!!!

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