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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Some new traditions....

Our second gingerbread house class was last night and it went well!! I think the ladies set a record for speedy construction!! They didn't even dig into their "tea party" until they were all done. Many of them had some ideas before they got there...we even had an all chocolate house this year!! We took lots of pictures...and then forgot the necessary cord for the camera at the shop!! Always feel like I have a 5 second (or a week..) delay on the picture thing!! Oh well....I'll get that worked out eventually.~~~So...this is a pickle. There is a tradition attached to it. It is hidden in the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve and on Christmas morning the one who finds it gets an "extra" little gift....they are selling like crazy...they do every year...but I am bringing this up for a reason. We are about 5 weeks-ish away from the big day and I want to start to give you some stress relievers, in the form of new traditions. One thing that gets everyone stressed this time of year is finding time for everybody. So I thought we would start there. If you have a large family, have a party. That way everyone can get together at the same time. It is much easier to get together once than to run all over visiting each other. You could plan a "pot luck" and that way no one person has to do a lot of cooking. The added benefit is that there are all kinds of great dishes to choose from!! We host Christmas Morning Breakfast every year....our whole family comes. It is a much looked forward to event...and no one would miss it!! We have all kinds of casseroles, my husband's famous pancakes, baked ham and of course the greatly anticipated sticky buns!!! We "give it" as a gift to our family...but it could just as easily be pot luck. Everyone gets to spend time together, and then go do their thing for the rest of Christmas Day. The same idea could be applied to a gathering of friends. You could even kill two birds with one stone...have a "purpose" party...for example, a cookie exchange (takes some of the baking stress away...you could even "exchange' cookie dough...that way you still get to bake, but the messy part is done!!!) or a "wrapping" party. Bring the gifts that you want to look really special and then everyone brings paper, tape, scissors and then fun embellishments that you can share. Your gifts will look great without spending a fortune on all different paper. Or, if you are a crafty bunch, have a night of gift making. It is much more fun with company!! A progressive dinner with your friends or neighbors is nice, everyone is responsible for one course and you go to the next house for the next course. If all of your friends or neighbors really enjoy decorating that would be a nice way to enjoy their hard work!! I have more ideas...but I will sprinkle them in for the a while instead of all at once. If you have any ideas to add....please feel free to add them! Comment on here or on Sweet memories face book page....I may not be the ghost of Christmas Past...but I will get rid of the Scrooges of the world one way or another!!

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