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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Spending a little time at home....

We have not been here much this week!!! This was a rough one...but we made it!! The 1803 house candlelight dinner went very well, last night. No trains, again, (that is my biggest fear...that I'm going to get stuck sitting and waiting for the train with hot food in the car...)all of the guests were on time...early in fact. They seemed to really enjoy themselves and we were not too, too late getting home. So all in all, a good night!! We made cranberry-apple pork roast, little dumpling squash stuffed with apple-cheddar-leek custard and roasted asparagus. Dessert was a pumpkin-chocolate cheesecake. The appetizers were bacon and cheese stuffed baby potatoes, broccoli-mushroom cups and creamy crab spread on crostini. The guests all were talking about ghosts and how they would like to see one while they were in the house...no luck. Oh well! So my day off, tomorrow, will consist mainly of taking down all of my beloved Halloween decorations and packing them, carefully, away for next year. I am a little sad...but I am going to get the Christmas things out, next Monday...everything at the shop looks so great I am excited to get that done here at home, too. Something to look forward to. I used to wait until the Monday after Thanksgiving...but then I can only enjoy all of my collections (and hard work...) for a short time and then I have to put it all away!! A few years ago I told my family that I was going to have all of the Christmas "up" for Thanksgiving and asked if there were any objections....they said "no" so...this is what I do and it works for me. I get to enjoy it for a little longer and, by the time we are in full Christmas mode (in the rest of the world...) I have a little time to myself to enjoy it. We can spend our Mondays off doing fun things instead of worrying about decorating!! Besides...Thanksgiving is the start of the Holidays, anyway...otherwise, why would Santa be the highlight of the parade?? If he can show up in the Thanksgiving Day Parade...he can watch all of my family eat turkey...sounds about right to me!!


  1. sounds like a cupcake..sweet life...love when a plan goes together..glad the 1803 dinner went off without a hitch? no trains anyway...the menu sounds heavenly:-)
    and yes- onto the next big event- Thanksgiving~ food- what else is there?? well I am making a plan to come in for lunch...sooner than later:-)
    hope to see you and Sweet Memories soon.
    have a lovely monday Jamie...I love your house- looks warm and inviting.
    hugs to all.

  2. Thanks for the comments...sometimes I think I'm talking to myself...but, then again, I feel that way MOST of the time!!! See you soon!!