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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Yeah Candy!!!!!!!!!...........

The Christmas candy IS IN!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!! I really wanted it to show up on Thursday, but if I were honest with myself I didn't really expect it to come until yesterday. However....time was ticking away and no sign of any trucks...no delivery men...no boxes full of Christmas sweetness....again, I have to be honest...I was getting ANGRY!!!! I thought...I am not going to get it until Tuesday...seriously???? Then, in the middle of lunch service on a Friday....(poor guy) he attempted to make his way in the store, through all of those customers (and said something about no recession here....) gave up and put everything on the porch!! Now, keep in mind, we serve on Friday nights...so we are frantically trying to price everything, move all of the "filler-inner" stuff that I had to use to make that area look presentable for the last TWO weeks, re-arrange the display to my liking (not a small feat in itself...) all while shouting food directions to my husband who was holding down the fort in the kitchen!!! I have to thank my oldest daughter....she was pricing while I was re-arranging. The reason I am thanking her is that I ordered new hot chocolate in little packets 140+ little sticky tags...chocolate Santas with strings on them so that they can go on a package or the tree...60 some...hot chocolate spoons, 4 tubs with 24 in each...you get the picture!! She was a trooper....especially because I kept saying "are you done yet??" Hahaha...anyway, GREAT stuff!!!!!!!! Chocolate advent calendars, Belgian chocolate lollipops, "snowball" bubblegum, flavored hot chocolate stirrers, old-fashioned ribbon candy, chocolate filled candy canes, chocolate covered peeps, Asher non-pareils, little candy cane trees, the pasta shaped like snowmen and reindeer....the list goes on!!! I can, finally, say that we are ready.....not to say that we don't have anything left to do, I just feel SO much better to have this project done!! Not to mention the fact that I won't have to hide in the kitchen so I don't have to see the disappointment on all of my "little customers" faces!!! They are used to a delightful experience when they rush up to the "candy shop".....the Santa cookie jar (empty) just wasn't cutting it!!! Make sure you stop in and see it for yourselves!! I will get some pictures and share it with those of you who are not in the area!! "The children were nestled, all snug in their beds, while visions of sugarplums danced in their heads....." What a relief!!!

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