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Monday, December 13, 2010

The Christmas song rant.....

Well...here we are, less than two weeks to go until the big day!! A few weeks ago, if you had asked, I would have told you how much I love Christmas music. I think it's a shame that we only get to hear it for such a short period of time. I would have told you that I love ALL of it...from the more religious carols to the silly songs of Santa!!! I would have told you that, without a doubt, there isn't a Christmas song that I don't like!!!~~~I would have been wrong!! I have come to the conclusion that there are, in fact, a few that I CAN'T STAND!!!!!!!!!! OK...that may be a bit harsh...if the truth is told, it is the "artists" singing the songs that I can't stand!!! I was SO excited when one of our local radio stations started to play all Christmas music...even before Thanksgiving!!! I was in my glory!! A few extra weeks of my beloved Christmas music is a great thing!! However, they play the SAME exact songs over and over and over...(and we listen to it ALL day long!!!) I am going to tell you, right now, I can't stand Mariah Carey!!!! Seriously. I am, also, finding myself turning the station off each and every time I hear the beginnings of any and all Jackson 5, Bruce Springstein and Carrie Underwood. I absolutely hate the Dean Martin version of Rudolph the red nosed reindeer...or as he (drunkenly???) refers to him "Rudy"....I am not a fan of John Lennon...or his wife (eeeish!!!) and that "Band Aid" song should be outlawed!!! "Just thank God it's them instead of you"...really???? Where are the classics??? Give me a little Julie Andrews...I don't think they have played ANY...Andy Williams, Burl Ives, Perry Como, Bing Crosby....THAT is Christmas music! Don't get me wrong, I love some of the "newer" classics, too....I mean does it get any better than the Muppets?? How about those 12 pains of Christmas??? Give me John Denver, Celine Dion, Josh Grobin....how about some of those country CDs....Brad Paisley, Vince Gill, LeAnne Womack....there is SO much amazing music and I have to listen to the same, horrible, songs over and over.....Thank God I have the vast CD collection that I do....I am, currently, looking into starting my own radio station...does anyone know how to go about doing that??? I'll tell you right now....even if you listen to it 10 straight hours, like we do.....you wouldn't have to hear Mariah Carey once. And certainly NOT the every 20 minutes that she is currently played!!!!! All I want for Christmas is you....to GO AWAY!!!!! I feel better!!!

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