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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Gingerbread House Class #3....

Last night we hosted gingerbread house class #3...it was the biggest and most attended ever!! A lot of little ones...and a lot of helpers (and picture/video takers!!) I made all kinds of food...a "pizza" Christmas tree, cheese dip with little soft pretzels, little crab appetizers, glazed meatballs, ranch deviled eggs...all kinds of desserts and a punch...they wiped me out~~ate everything!!! Which makes me happy, on one hand, but concerned that there wasn't enough food on the other hand!! No one complained...so I guess they had enough to eat!! We had a last minute cancellation because someone was sick, so the plan is to decorate that house and have it available for sale. We do this every year anyway...it will just get done sooner!! We had a little group come, but half of them had another engagement an hour into the class....THAT has never happened before!! The little girl couldn't finish the house....(no matter how good you are an hour for eating AND finishing a house is NOT going to cut it!!!) so the rest of the party took a stash of candy and one of my bags full of icing home with them so that they could finish...unfortunately, the bag is disposable...but it had one of MY pastry tips in it!! We, also, have quite a few "artists" who have been doing these houses for years...so they have developed an eye for spotting unusual candy...some of them "collect" it during the year to use on these houses!! But it does belong to them...they are, usually, generous and have no problem sharing...but, sometimes, they have a plan and need all of it....there was some "helping yourself" going on, last night. We will need to address some little glitches in the future...but, all in all, it was a great night and they all did a great job!!! With the Christmas music playing in the backround, the lights on outside, the tree and fireplace all decked out and so many excited little "artists"...it was, really, beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!!

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