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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Long Day...and cookie presses...........

This has been one long day....we have done a special "Christmas party" breakfast for a group of Hospice volunteers for the last four years. We open just for them on a Saturday morning and they have their Christmas party. We have had the need (unfortunately...) for Hospice in our family, and the people who work and volunteer there SHOULD have a special party!! It is a very, very hard time for anyone who is using their services...and how they can do what they do, day after day, is amazing. We are all too happy to open early and feed them...we make a slightly pared down Sunday Brunch menu for them...this year there were 31 people at the party!! It was a big group...(the trick is to make all of the food we will need for our "normal" lunch service and all of my bakery orders at the same time!!) I feel like we're giving back, a little...and we will do whatever it takes! ~~~On a different note...I got it into my head to make spritz cookies, yesterday. Once upon a time I had one of those old-fashioned crank type cookie presses. I am not sure where it went...I'm sure it's around here somewhere...but, along the line, I was enticed to leave that old relic behind and replace it with a newer, better, more efficient model. Uuummmm....I bought a Wilton cookie press, first. Piece of junk. Then I replaced that one with a Pampered Chef. Also a piece of junk. Then, last year, I replaced that one with a Cuisinart....ELECTRIC....with a plug....also, a piece of junk!!!! I took it out, yesterday, to make these cookies and could not get it to work~~surprise, surprise~~ my daughter said "don't you have this problem every year??? Is it some kind of joke??" Well...if it is I'm not laughing!! I had my daughter call the kitchen store and ask if they had a cookie press. So...I don't know if you are keeping track....but this is now cookie press #5...yes, I said #5...but guess what?? It's brilliant!!!! It is made in Italy and it is awesome....if you have found yourself in the "cookie press" nightmare, let me know and I will tell you the name of this one..end of nightmare!!! (Needless to say, there are pretty little green Christmas tree spritz cookies in the case!!!Anybody who knows me knows that once it's in my head...it's as good as done...even if that means buying yet another cookie press....I guess FIVE times is the charm!!!) If you don't want to make them at all, you can always call and order them from us...I'll be HAPPY to make them now that I finally have a cookie press that works!!!

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