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Friday, December 17, 2010

The magic of Christmas......

The big day is approaching!! Well...yes, THAT big day is approaching, too...but the delivery day for all of the gifts we have purchased for our "adopted family" is Monday. My Husband and I went shopping last night and finished up the list. The Ladies of the family started this at Toys 'R' Us as a big group when we went shopping for Toys for Tots. Then my Brother-in-law and Sister-in-law took care of the bikes and my niece got some things while she did her own shopping. So we went with our final list of gifts and finished it up last night. This has been a wonderful experience. We have been able to feel exactly what it's like to BE Santa Claus. It has made me realize the important lessons Santa Claus teaches. When your kids are little you tell them all about Santa....(or, at least I hope you do...) We tell them all about the North Pole and the reindeer and the elves. Sometimes, though, I think we may forget what we are really teaching them. The Santa Claus legend is just like every other fairy tale...fantasy based in truth. A great story all wrapped up in a moral....a lesson taught in a not so obvious way. What better lesson could there be? Santa Claus teaches us kindness and generosity~~selflessness and unconditional love. He teaches us to try to do the right thing (or be good for goodness sake...) and to put others first. He shows us that anything is possible (even squeezing down a chimney...) with a lot of hard work and dedication!! And he shows us that giving of yourself is the best gift of all!!! Oh sure...somewhere along the way the "truth" shows itself....but if you've done your job the magic will stay with your kids their whole lives!! Mine were a big part of this project, and all three of them get a whole lot more out of giving gifts than they do receiving them. They are very kind, tolerant, hardworking and generous members of society....I would like to take all of the credit for this...but I'm pretty sure Santa may have had something to do with it too!! Do you believe in Santa Claus and the magic of  Christmas?? I know I do....I'm calling it a night...We are going to be very busy at work, tomorrow, and then there is a sleigh full of presents for "the elves" and I to wrap!!! Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!!!!

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