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Friday, December 3, 2010

Need a little Christmas....

There is SO much preparation involved in each and every Holiday and season, when you are in retail, that it seems to go on for months...but, then, there comes a moment when you realize that it is, actually, here. It can be very surreal...and, kinda mess with your head a little!! That realization hit me yesterday. The "real" countdown has begun...not just the "retailers" countdown, but the "real"...everyone is on the same page at the same time...countdown!!! So...are you ready?? I have a friend who is frantically searching for the little red hot cinnamon candies for her gingerbread men and another friend who decided to have her "work" Christmas party earlier this year...and is now regretting it. There just aren't enough hours in a day to do it all...get it all done...and yet, come December 25th...all over the world...we are all, somehow, ready. The tree is up and decorated, the gifts are wrapped and under it, the cookies are baked and the dinner is in the oven. I say we start a new tradition this year and stop stressing...I say, let's enjoy the season!!~~~ What does that mean for you??? What is your favorite Christmas activity?? What is your favorite Christmas movie/special...favorite song...favorite kind of Christmas cookie??? Do you drive around and look at the lights...go caroling...travel to see family?? Do you love to wrap or decorate or bake?? Take a moment to think about this, today, and try to get all of those activities in your schedule...after all, Christmas comes but once a year...and we all need a little Christmas...now!!!

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