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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Oh Christmas tree....

Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree...we went and found our tree on Monday (this has been one crazy week....sorry I am so behind in my blogs!!) We headed North, this year. We went to a tree farm up near Blue Mountain. I would love to find a farm that we can call our own and go to every year, but we either can't find the kind of tree we like...or they only have weekend hours, or the trees are not big (tall) enough. My niece told us about this one...I think we will be going back there next year. We always used to get Douglas Firs...but the last few years we have been getting Frasier Firs. It took a little convincing, at first, because the ones I was drawn to were not super full...you could see the trunk between the branches...and they were also very "natural" looking, not "perfectly" shaped...which is what I loved about them. (They remind me of The Waltons Christmas trees) Once we get them in the house, though, everyone comes around. The farm we went to this year does do some pruning, so I was a little concerned that the charm I was looking for would have been cut away...but the one we found was minimally pruned. It is a little fuller than we have had the last few years, but I am happy with it!! We won't decorate it until Christmas Eve...that is our tradition. This tree is covered in memories...many of the ornaments we have are handmade...quite a few by us. Each and every one has a special meaning. We have more than one tree, though, four to be exact! The full sized artificial tree is covered in blown glass...I have a huge collection and add to it all the time! Then the other two trees are only about 4 foot and thin...they are both covered in "edibles"...candy, cake and cookie ornaments (I can't imagine why I collect those????) We have another tree, too. It's in the living room. It's made of wire and each "branch" has a hook on the end to hold an ornament. It is covered with my husband's collection of vintage Christmas balls. He collects the glass balls from the 50's...only the ones with pictures of some kind....we have houses, churches, deer, toys, bells....he remembers these balls from when he was a kid...it's a really cool collection!! The tree is full, though, so I don't know what we are going to do with more....but we keep looking anyway!!! It is really fun to hear all the different traditions that everyone has when it come to our trees....but, no matter what YOUR tradition is, I hope the time you spend around that tree is wonderful!!!

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