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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Planning....or not...

Are you a planner??? Do you make lists and have timelines...stick to schedules?? Know when, where, who etc. at all times?? I am...I mean, I have to be. I have a restaurant and gift shop to run. I am not a big fan of surprises...(not even the good kind) I need to have complete control and know what is expected of me at all times. Today was a huge challenge!!! It started off just like any other day...lots to do and a, relatively, short amount of time to do it. We were booked for today...we are going to be closed tomorrow and Saturday, and then open again for Sunday. Lots of larger groups and people still trying to get together for the Holidays. I had a lot of bakery orders to get done, too. But, not too far into our "normal" morning we became aware of some strange stuff...like barricades and crime scene tape....hovering helicopters and police presence...Before long we realized that people were having difficulty getting into town. This was due to the police barricades....they were searching for the third bank robbery suspect. I am sure that this is a very stressful situation for all of the law enforcement people involved...however, I think part of their job, in situations such as this, should be to keep citizens, who find themselves caught in the middle of a situation beyond their control, informed about what is happening!! The fact that they had streets blocked and were not allowing cars through did not deter OUR customers!!! They parked way up the street and walked down to us!!! This says a tremendous amount about how wonderful our customers are...how dedicated they are...not rain nor sleet (well...maybe sleet...) will keep them away...for this I say "Thank you"...you guys are awesome!!! But the fact of the matter is I should have known what was going on so that I could do everything in my power to keep these fantastic people safe!!! Everything we knew about what was going on we learned by ourselves...Not very professional!!! I am, still, very upset about how all of this was handled!!! I did learn something today, though...some things you JUST CAN'T plan for...I mean, who in their right mind would have ever thought I would HAVE to plan for this??? Oh...good old small town life!?!?!

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