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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Still playing Santa....

So...I am playing Santa...again!!! I had this great idea, yesterday. We have a mailbox for letters to Santa! The kids can put their letters in the box....but we will hold on to them so that you can have them as a keepsake!! I was watching a movie on the Hallmark channel, and the main character found a letter that she had written when she was a little girl...I thought "I wish I had the ones that the kids had written..." but, of course, we sent them. This way you can send them...AND keep them, too!! I was telling my husband this idea and he was trying to figure out what this meant for him (most of my ideas involve some sort of extra projects for his "honey-do" list...) but all I needed him to do was pick up a nice new mailbox at the Home Depot when he went to RETURN some of the candy cane lights ( a new record???? These not only didn't last the normal ONE season...they didn't even make the two WEEK mark!!!!) which he did yesterday. So...the mailbox is open for business!! We have so many great "little customers"...I can't wait to see them use this mailbox!!! I am so excited...~~~ On to other news...tonight is gingerbread house class #3. There are a lot in attendance, this evening, so we have a gingerbread city awaiting them, this week...not the usual village!! I spent about half of my "day off" ( I am beginning to use that term very loosely..) making the dough and baking off pieces. It was worth it!! We only had to stay an extra hour, last night, to get the rest of the pieces baked and the houses put together....all ready to go!! Now, I wish it would stop raining!!! Yuck!! Not at all what you picture the first day of December to be like...at least not in Pennsylvania!! Oh well, Happy December anyway!!!!!

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