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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Two weeks to go....

Up on the housetop, reindeer paws...out jumps dear old Santa Claus....The countdown has, truly, begun...I know this because today is my husband's birthday!!! His birthday was always a barometer of sorts...only two weeks to go, how ready are we??? What else needs to get done??? This was a much bigger issue when the kids were little. I already told them to expect cash...they seem to be OK with that!! The one we have to get ready for, now, is my grandson. All I have left to do, for him, is the Hess truck (it's a MomMom thing...my MomMom collected the Hess trucks for my son...he got one every year...so we are carrying on the tradition with my grandson. We got him his first one last Christmas and he wasn't even here yet!!) Of course, when you own your own business, you have to rearrange the calendar a bit...so we will be celebrating his birthday on Monday (our day off...) We have all become accustomed to this. Sometimes you get lucky and your birthday FALLS on a Monday (every 7 years, to be exact...) but the rest of the time we just postpone it a bit. We are heading out to get the tree. He wants to put it up and get the lights on it. That way he can put his train underneath it. He loves to run the train and can't wait for my grandson to see it!!! The tree won't, actually, get decorated until Christmas Eve (the kids always thought Santa did it...) but the smell will be enjoyed while it awaits adornment!! We are planning a quiet evening at home...those are his instructions...and that is OK with me!!~~~ Tonight is our family "Ladies Night" Christmas party...this is when we find out who our "secret pals" are! We have it at my sister-in-laws house. I feel badly that we are leaving my husband home alone on his actual birthday...but he will, probably, be happy for the peace and quiet!! If you are planning to come in and see us, today, wish him a "Happy Birthday"....better yet, sing it to him!! We had a special party booked, on his birthday, a couple of years ago. It was a church function...all women. They wanted me to teach a special class ( I taught them how to make a yule log..) and they had their Christmas "meeting" at the same time. They brought a portable keyboard and they were singing Christmas carols while they ate the yule log. They, really, had a great time. The lady in charge of putting it together knew it was my husbands birthday...and, at one point, he came out and was listening to them sing...all of a sudden they broke into "Happy Birthday"...and it took him a few seconds to realize they were singing to him!! It was great...a real Sweet Memory!!

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