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Monday, December 27, 2010

What a great Christmas!!!....

Well...we did it!! The cookies were all baked, everybody got their favorites, the gingerbread house was designed, baked, constructed and decorated, the tree is full of years and years of memories (and looks beautiful!!) the stockings were filled, the presents wrapped and it all got done on time!!! We went out for breakfast on Christmas Eve (as is our tradition...) but the kids "significant others" were there, too. Then we headed over to the shop to get everything ready for our big Christmas morning breakfast with the family. It is our Christmas gift to everyone. We serve a big breakfast...everyone spends some time together and then we can carry on with our day having spent some time with one another. There are between 25 and 30 people, usually. We started this tradition as a way to keep our kids at home for Christmas day...but still have them see everyone and show what Santa had given them. Then it became a wonderful family tradition...and everyone who is important to us comes and enjoys themselves...we have to have it at the shop because there are so many of us!!! After all of that food was prepared and the tables all set up and ready to go...it was back to the house for a Christmas marathon!!! Cookies, gingerbread houses, tree decorating....dinner (homemade pizza...) then a trip to the Lights in the Parkway!! It was a wonderful Christmas Eve!! Christmas day we skipped the presents until after breakfast...headed over to the shop early and started to get the food ready. Ham, potato casserole, sausage strata, pancakes, baked oatmeal, homemade sticky buns and plenty of juice and coffee!!! My grandson made a grand entrance in his Santa hat....and surprised everyone with a nice long walk (all by himself...) into the dining room!! Walking before he even hit the 10 month mark!!!! A few hours with family...clean up and back to the house for round one of gifts. A nice, quiet afternoon of preparing dinner and then the evening with my grandson!! His "Santa Bag" was full...and then there were more that couldn't fit!! Of course, at this age, all they really want is the wrapping paper!! We got him a "walk behind" dinosaur toy...he can push it while he walks behind it. Then, when he gets bigger, you can lock the seat in place and he can ride it....he really liked that!! We put his little farm animals on PopPop's train and gave them a ride (he loves the train!!!) listened to all of his new toys sing and make all kinds of sounds...it was a great Christmas!! I hope you all had a great Christmas, too!!!

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