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Sunday, January 9, 2011


Aahhh...January. The quiet, peacefulness of a frosty morning. The beauty of softly falling snow. The cozy evenings spent by the fire....you do realize that I am being sarcastic...right? I am sick of this weather, already...seriously sick of it!!! I do find that this month is good for something, though. After all of the responsibilities and craziness of the Holidays (which starts in August and goes right up to January 2nd...) I find that I can think beyond the "right now"...and I, usually, have spurts of creativity. My family would tell you all about how much they fear this...because it usually means "rocking the boat" in some way...either extra work or extra hours...or both!! But I enjoy change...it keeps us fun and interesting...and that keeps us successful. I have a few ideas cooking even as we speak. I can't spill the "beans" until the ideas are fully "cooked". I examine things from every angle and try to make sure they will go off without a hitch...but when I am confident that the "soup" is ready...you will be the first to know!!!(Do you like all of my food references???) In the meantime...I am heading downstairs to bury myself under a blanket!! Aahhh....January...the annoyance of having to scrap the frostiness OFF of your windshield....the terrible driving and plans ruined by the snow...the evenings spent by the fire because you are freezing to death!!! Hot chocolate anyone???

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