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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Big news!!!!!!!!

Yes...I know this is a Halloween picture....no...I have not lost it completely (yet!! Hahahaha..) The Board of the 1803 House had their dinner meeting at the shop, last night. They had all kinds of business to address, but there was one piece of business, in particular, that I was interested in. They voted on the possibility of having a Halloween Show at the house this Fall. It was passed!!! This is going to be a juried Halloween artists show. We are hoping to find local talent and will feature their Halloween art in addition to other, fun Fall activities. This is all still in the planning stages...but the Board approval was one big step. I envision this becoming an event that I can, finally, be proud of. I have seen so many "ideas" come and go, in the 16 years that we have been in Emmaus. Some of them were good ideas that either never came to fruition... or took a wrong turn (or two...) somewhere along the line...some of them are just awful ideas all the way around!! I feel, very strongly, that there is a lack of focus...you have to have a goal in order to achieve a goal!!! I pitched this idea because I love the 1803 House...I think it is a very important historic property and I would love to see it become the focal point (and, consequently, the benefactor of the funds raised...) of a "not to be missed" event...(or eventS...one thing at a time!!!) For all of you Halloween enthusiasts...and I know there are MANY...this is going to ROCK!!! For any of you who may fall in the "Halloween Artist" category....please get in touch with me!!! This IS going to be a juried event and space~~at least at first~~will, more than likely, be limited....but we would love to see your work and have you apply!!! I am very excited about this!! I know that Halloween is many, many months away...but it takes a long time to create...something awesome!!!!! I would love to hear some comments!!!!!!

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