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Monday, January 31, 2011

Come on April.....

We are finally bidding farewell to January 2011. I couldn't wait to see it go...until I saw the weather update on the news this morning. So, apparently, February has it in for us, too. If I am hearing them correctly...and I will continue to hold out for the possibility that they are wrong (again) I think we have approximately 48 hours of ice and sleet (with a little snow mixed in for the fun of it..) to look forward to!! Now...I guess we can dwell on this nightmare that is the Winter of 2011...or we can look forward to the Spring and all the promise that it brings. I, for one, am sick of the Winter Blues and the dreary attitude that comes with it. The daffodils that I planted in the pots on my windowsill are starting to come to life. This is a good sign!! I will continue to put the new Spring merchandise out and plan all of my "new ideas"...and I know everyone is anxiously waiting for the Spring class schedule to be posted. I am, also, hoping to get to go to the Philadelphia Flower Show, this year. This year the theme is "Springtime in Paris"...I'm in!! February has some great celebration opportunities, too. Valentine's Day, our wedding anniversary, my oldest daughter's birthday and my grandson's 1st birthday are all right around the corner. Winter...this, too, shall pass. New month~~new attitude!! The sooner we get February started...the sooner we can tell it "good bye"....come on April!!!

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