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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Come on Spring....

Indulge me. I am going to spend the next few minutes ignoring the weather forecast... (and the approaching snow)...and the brutal cold and think SPRING!!! I want to go out in my garden and "plant" more magical mushrooms for the fairies and gnomes to play around!! I ordered a whole bunch of new ones, again, this year...and more fairy doors and some of the funniest gnomes I have ever seen!! I am very picky about gnomes...I know they are "kitchy"...it's part of their charm, but I don't think they have to look cheap and junky. I found some that are very charming and full of personality. They make me smile every time I look at them. Judging by how quickly they are finding new homes...I am guessing they are making you smile, too. We are selling an interesting mix of things, right now. We are selling Spring~~but we are, also, selling snowmen and snowflakes etc.~~actually, we are still selling Christmas!! January is a funny month...you don't quite know what you want!! I love my snowman collection...and, frankly, I can add to my Christmas collection at any time!!! But, right now...with the weather the way it's been...and will be by the end of the day, today...I want flowers and fairies and gnomes and magic mushrooms and herbs!!!! OK...I'm done whining...thank you for indulging me!!! Hey...I think I saw some tulips at the grocery store...and one of these gnome "pot huggers" would look too cute hanging on the side...like I said before...a lot of little treats will make you happy~~and that will make the Winter go faster!!!

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