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Monday, January 24, 2011

Enough Already!!!!!

Winter weather...snow...cold...wintery mix...cold, Cold, COLD....enough!!! It's all we think about, it's all anyone is talking about...I say enough already!!! Today is Monday...the only day we are closed. The house is clean, the laundry is done, it would be a perfect day to go on an adventure....but it is like 6 degrees outside...who wants to leave the house?? This lousy weather really puts a damper on everything. But I, for one, am going to rebel. I am going to go and clean out the refrigerator (it's trash day...) and start a pot of soup. I think I'd like to make some bread...I haven't done that since Christmas...and maybe some sort of tart or crisp or cobbler (got a new cookbook..) But, you say, where is the rebellion?? I mean those are all Cold-Weather activities...Right?? Well, when the soup is simmering and the bread is rising and the dessert is in the oven...I am going to plant the last round of bulbs that I bought for the garden...the ones that never got in the ground because we had such LOUSY weather....I am going to plant them in pots, and put them on my windowsill!!! So help me there WILL be some Springtime in my world one way or another!!!! And then...when that is all done...I will, probably, sit and watch a movie under a blanket. Let's be honest...there is, really, only so much you can do to rebel....that Mother Nature is one tough broad!!!

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