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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Fresh starts and clean slates....

The transformation is complete. It starts at the front door...my husband and daughter changed all of the lighting out on the porch, yesterday afternoon. Now there are red heart lights and big, old-fashioned white lights around the front door and red and white lights over the windows. We have all white "icicle" lights hanging on the edge of the porch roof and big snowflakes in the windows. It looks great!! I had a meeting last night (still can't tell you what is up our sleeve...but SOON!!) so we were there a little later, and could see how it looked all lit up!! They did an amazing job, again!!! The gift shops are all re-done, too!! Valentine's Day, a little taste of Spring, great stuff in the "kitchen" to get you cooking and baking...and when all of the new merchandise we are expecting arrives...we are ready!!! It's a good feeling. Like a clean slate, a fresh start. Starting in the middle of August until the first of January the merchandise for the gift shops is, pretty much, a given. I mean, I decide WHAT I am going to carry...but it is Halloween, Fall, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Once we hit January 1st...at least until it is time for the Easter merchandise...I can do what I want. The "candy shop" and "gourmet food market", downstairs, are all ready, too....for the shipments I was expecting yesterday!!! There are BIG holes where "stuff" belongs!!! Hopefully everything will come today!!! I don't like BIG holes!!! Oh well...I am going to try to get some pictures, too. Give you a taste of what we have been working on... of course, you are welcome to come and see for yourselves!!! Have a great day!!!

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