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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hello...and Thank You.....

I would like to take a moment and say hello to all of you who are following and reading this blog...Hello!!! In the past few weeks I have met, and spoken to, a whole bunch of you who think enough of me (and what I have to say...) to follow along with this blog...(including the young lady who came for lunch, yesterday...) but as nice as that is...you, also, made a point to find me and TELL me that you follow along with this blog...that is SO nice of you...(and a bit of a relief too... sometimes, you feel like you just might be talking to yourself!!!) You are more than welcome to leave comments either on here or back on my facebook page...I try to answer everyone!!! Anyway...Thanks again!!!~~~Now...to a different subject...I was, recently, reading a magazine. In that magazine there was a picture of a cake and in the caption they used the term "boutique bakery"...I thought "THAT'S what we are!!!" What a great term...not only does it describe the uniqueness and creativity that is us...but it, sort of, gives me the permission to be different!! I know I don't need permission...but sometimes we are "challenged" in our "different-ness"...Let me explain. There are times when someone wants to buy a whole cake out of the bakery case (for example..) and cannot understand why we won't sell it to them. No matter how we explain that you need to order it ahead of time, and that the desserts that are in the case are for our dining customers...they just refuse to listen and try to stuff me back into the "mold" that everyone else is in. If you can walk into the grocery store and buy a whole (frozen) cake...why can't they do it in our place? The answer to that question is that we are a "boutique bakery" and make everything fresh, on the premises and to order. I love it...I am going to use that term from now on!!! I am sure it won't make any difference...we will still have to explain ourselves again and again...but it makes me happy!! (Now... to all of you who know me very well...the answer to the question you are thinking of is "Yes"...it HAS been one of those weeks and I have found myself challenged over and over...and "yes" I am, once again, using this blog to do a little ranting...I mean discussing!!!)~~~ Thank you, again, to everyone who is following along...and also to everyone who "gets it"...you guys ROCK!!!

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