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Thursday, January 6, 2011

I love new pictures.....

I have a whole bunch of new pictures!!! I love when I have a whole bunch of new pictures to use on here!!! A picture is worth a thousand words...and it sure makes it easier to tell a story!! This picture is of our newest cupcake flavor...this one is "hot chocolate"...guaranteed to brighten up the dreariest Winter day!!! They are calling for some snow, tomorrow....I hope they are wrong. This, really, isn't a far fetched hope~~after all, they are wrong with some frequency~~snow just makes everyone scared to leave the house (except to fetch the required milk and bread...) The first job my son had was in a grocery store. He doesn't have a lot of  "people patience" but he had to start on the registers just like everybody else. After a particularly long day, I was waiting in the parking lot to drive him home. He looked tired...but also extremely agitated when he got in the car...I asked him what was wrong and he asked me if there was snow in the weather forecast....I saw where this was going...I said "Yes, why? Did everyone need their milk, bread and eggs?" He went on a very long tirade about how...although we all know that we are not going to be "snowed in" and will...in fact...be able to get "out" almost immediately...he can see some logic behind the milk, bread and eggs...but what he could not figure out was why he was checking out SO many bags of potato chips and boxes of donuts!!! It was a very entertaining ride home!!! He is very quick, dry, sarcastic and, sometimes, acidic with his humor and when he sinks his teeth into a subject it makes for a very entertaining story!!! Now, whenever they are calling for snow, I remember his story and wonder just how many bags of potato chips and boxes of donuts are being stock piled!! If you are heading out for "supplies" I recommend the "hot chocolate" cupcakes...they are MUCH better than potato chips!!!

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