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Thursday, January 27, 2011

If Winter comes...

If Winter comes...can Spring be far behind? Yup. My daughter has been trying to convince me that this Winter is almost over. I listened to her reasoning...but I am not sure I agree with it. My son says that the worst is almost behind us...we just have to get through February...then we can handle whatever March throws at us...because the end is in sight. Again, I hear it, but....??? I think this is all just a defense mechanism that we all have. We are trying to cope with this AWFUL weather, so we reason with ourselves and try to convince ourselves that it can't go on forever. Of course, that is a given, because it can't. Spring will come, the flowers will bloom, the trees will wake up, the grass will grow...and then need to be cut and the sun will shine...and then get hot as @#$$ and we will have something new to complain about!!! In my infinite wisdom, I have determined that THIS just may be the reason that the seasons and Holidays are "rushed". I mean, let's be honest, the big box stores "rush" things to get your money...and small independent guys like us have to keep up with them so that we can survive. But, maybe, there is more to this...I am going to be honest with you...I am SERIOUSLY considering putting ALL of the Spring and Easter merchandise that I have in stock out...right now...today!!! I don't think there is any "money making motive" behind this feeling...at all. The big box stores and the department stores might have their merchandise out because they are hoping to get your money....but I am thinking about this as MY defense mechanism!!! Maybe if I can go to work every day and see Spring...we can survive this Winter. Now...if only that would make all of the snow that is piled up outside of the shop go away...Oh...wait...that's what the plows are supposed to be doing...no comment!!

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