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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Let's have Tea...my way!!

There is an old saying that "if you can't beat them...join them". I say if you can't beat them...start your own game!! We are in our 16th year of business. We have been called a "Tea Room" from day one. I am not a Tea Room. I am anti-fuss, anti-pomp & circumstance, anti-rules. What I mean by that is everyone has a preconceived notion about afternoon tea. Tea must be served in a pot, there should be silver and fine china involved...probably some lace, too. It needs to be served at a certain time of day...include certain kinds of food...no thank you!! So, from day one, I did my best to establish myself as a restaurant...not a Tea Room. We serve all kinds of meals...Lunch, Brunch and our Supper on Friday and Sunday Nights...We do our very best to make sure that the food is awesome, and the atmosphere is wonderful....and, even though some of our Ladies would prefer it otherwise, that men feel comfortable...(excluding them was NOT part of the plan....ever!!!) However...we offer a "Tea" if you are having a special event...like a shower. We, also, find ourselves doing quite a few off-premise parties that include our tea fare. I have to say...deep down inside, I love the IDEA of tea. I love the idea of sitting and relaxing (and we all know it is JUST an idea for me...) and enjoying some delicious little tidbits. No pomp...no fuss...no silver...no pots...no lace!!! I picture whimsy....I see Winnie the Pooh and friends around the table in the hollow tree, I see Peter Rabbit and family with carrot cake and blackberries, I see Alice in Wonderland. I am beginning to see that this just might be a new offering from Sweet Memories. I think I have put in enough time, that I have enough "seniority" that I can do this my way and be trusted to deliver a fun, whimsical, special, wonderful time without the RULES...this is one (Just one...) of those things that I have up my sleeve...any thoughts???

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